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Gnome's endless charm, actually their sweetness, brings us so much needed delicacy after a long day. It's as jolly as our favourite desert with apples, sweet ginger and lemon tea. We bring you that feeling with this very candle. By lighting a crackling wooden wick, a cloud of heat emerges from this candle as it would otherwise come out of an old stove, in which a lovingly prepared dessert is guarded from the eyes and the mischievous Gnome. Imagine this feeling, further enhanced by the aromas of vanilla and biscuits. Combined with all the notes, this candle makes up a fantastic delicacy that everyone wants on their table. We actually believe that Santa's little helpers enjoy this kind of delicacy on the North Pole. Although who could resist this kind of gourmet aroma?
(P.S. – not to be eaten, even though we wish it was.)


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Base notes

Biscuit, Vanilla Cake

Middle notes

Apple, Ginger

Top notes


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