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Do you ever dream of visiting Santa's toy factory? The one where various miracles are made, especially Nutcrackers? Don't worry, we have an extra ticket for you. Crackling sounds of the wooden wick is associated with the sound of nuts, tirelessly toasting for all kinds of Christmas delicacies. With crackling sounds you can feel every trace of almost eternal holiday stress disappears. Warm notes of cinnamon and almonds will turn your room into a real Santa's toy factory. But in this factory you are not a hardworking Christmas elf, but someone who simply indulged in the pleasures of the holiday season. With all that, a drink would be nice, wouldn't it? Don't worry, it's included in the package and it comes spiced with notes of vanilla and cloves. Relax and sit comfortably by the gentle flame of this candle, so it's warmth can envelope your favourite place.

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