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Rough Amber

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After travelling through the Sahara Desert for 40 days, you're tormented beyond belief. Suddenly you see an oasis and decide to check it out although it's quite possible it's only a mirage. To your surprise, oasis is totally real and only one step from this candle. Top notes of amber and tangerine surprise you as a genie coming out of the bottle and promising you three wishes. You haven't managed to say your first wish, and it's already fullfilled with emerging base notes of lily of the valley and sandalwood. All three wishes, including the one for rest and refreshment, come true with finishing base notes of tonka beans and jasmine. Your home can become such an oasis in modern Sahara-world, and you can find it with Rough Amber.


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Instructions for use: To ensure the best burning efficiency of the candle, keep the candle lit until the wax is completely melted to the edges of the glass. Do not keep the candle lit for more than 2 hours. Before each ignition, remove the burnt black part of the wick or cut it to a length of 3 millimeters.

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Top notes

Amber, Mandarin

Middle notes

Muguet, Sandalwood

Base notes

Jasmin, Tonka, Vanilla

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