Rude Girl

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Rude world fits the rude ones, and things that are unreachable are the things we desire most. You don't have to be rude, but you can allow this candle to show you the fun side of cat playing with the mouse. Strong hand at a poker table consisting of top notes of bergamot and peach will remind you of all the times you've been going crazy desiring the unreachable. Maybe she will lead you to think that you can reach her through middle notes of coconut, jasmine and lily of the valley, but base notes of amber, vanilla and almond will convince you otherwise, and show you she's here only for a short time, till the payout is taken care of. She's the owner of the casino, and you're the guest of honor. She's a strong character, and her essence is unreachable. Yet the Rude Girl will burn and get you hooked, and then vanish in a puff of smoke.


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Instructions for use: To ensure the best burning efficiency of the candle, keep the candle lit until the wax is completely melted to the edges of the glass. Do not keep the candle lit for more than 2 hours. Before each ignition, remove the burnt black part of the wick or cut it to a length of 3 millimeters.

Additional information

Top notes

Bergamot, Peach

Middle notes

Coconut, Jasmine, Muguet

Base notes

Almond, Amber, Vanilla

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